Organic Baobab launched as a small and spare bedroom 'side-hustle' by Eli Anderson, and is now a proudly accredited and certified online retailer.

Good food and wellbeing have always been some of her passions, however general health was quite topical during the pandemic, which led her to seek out new remedies to boost the immune system. She ultimately stumbled upon baobab and was absolutely blown away by the fruit's nutritional profile, but struggled to find a sufficiently nutrient-dense and accessible brand outside of Africa.
Over a span of the next 2 years, more than 35 different international baobab farms and suppliers were tried, tested and scientifically graded.

Importing samples of a white-coloured fruit powder from rural farms in Africa definitely posed some unique challenges along the way, however perseverance led to her building some amazing relationships with farmers and their communities, and to ultimately curating the most nutritionally-dense baobab powder available on the market today.


The brand’s current goals are to inspire more people to make healthy habits, and to raise awareness of baobab as a truly amazing superfood

"Overall health and wellbeing starts with what you feed your body. It’s never too late to make your health a priority and to start looking and feeling better, naturally."